Friday, June 9, 2017

5 Dirty Truths about the Readers

 Okay I admit that I could not think of any topic to write about. I tried hard but nothing showed up. So I wondered What my readers want to read?. From there, I started thinking more deeply about you guys. And out of nowhere, I came up with a topic:

After giving some more thoughts, I changed it to 5 Dirty Truths about the Readers. Otherwise, almost half of you guys would not be here reading the post. Am i right? Oh why am I asking you? Instead, I need to tell YOU something. Yeah, 5 Dirty truths about you guys...

1) Readers act like Customers

You would have noticed it in your real life or maybe acted the same. That, customers act and behave like a BOSS. They think their time is way more important than anything else around. You must give them what they want and return them as happy as you can. Otherwise, they wont come back and will make you look bad in front of others. Readers do the same. So whenever you are writing, make sure you write something valuable and useful for your readers. Otherwise, they would drastically increase your Bounce Rate and make you look bad in the eyes of Google.

2) Readers try to find excuses for not Reading

When they are reading, they keep telling following things to themselves:
  •     This guy writes boring content, I am done with it
  •     Okay, thats enough. From now on, everything written is useless.
  •     Ah, the blog design is so poor, it is giving me headaches
  •     I got what I wanted , reading the rest is not important.

Just like customers dont care about how much effort someone put in the product, readers dont care either. They just read few starting lines, make assumptions,  generate results in their mind accordingly and leave. You must give them a reason to stay. Make them feel that your content is useful and closing the tab will cause them a huge loss.

3) They always have something else to do

Dont you know there is one thing called Facebook, another called Google+, some more are Youtube, Netflix, Yahoo Chat, Movies and PC Games etc. Readers always have something else to do. If your content is boring, with one click they will close the tab and start doing something else. You must give them valuable information and provide them with a unique content in order to keep them reading.

4) Selfish as Hell

What do you think? They found information on your Blog and now they wont leave until they say thanks to you? Hell not. I told you, they act like customers. Their time is way more important. Their time is Money. Do they really have to say thanks when they are paying you money (their time) ??? Once they found the information, they wont even scroll back up. They would just close the tab. So say everything on your Blog and dont expect them to contact you personally. By the way, dont be selfish and share this post with your friends :)

5) Only few Read till the End

I dont have to explain this point. Because half of you are already gone. See? there are always few who follow you till the end. Rest of them, become victims of 4 above mentioned traps.

If you are still with me, I congratulate you for staying with me. You surely deserve a hand of applause. As you are my customers, I wont return you empty handed. There is a prize for you. I hereby grant you with a free copy of an ebook 101 Tips to Avoid Procrastination. Go ahead and download it :)

It is a PLR Product, which means you can re-distribute and even resell it. Anyway, I am giving it to you for free. Hope you will like it. To hear more from me, you can subscribe to my Blog. You would have seen the banner appearing on the right side. Yeah thats it, subscribe there and get on my friends list :)

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