Sunday, June 11, 2017

7 Possible Reasons Behind a Slow Computer

We all use computers and we use it for different purposes. A day comes when our computer starts taking more time than it usually does.There can be various reasons behind it.

I just feel sad when I see people wasting their hard earned money on little tune ups when they can do it all by themselves. If you are reading this right now, I want you to read till the end. So that you can prevent your friends from wasting their money.

Following are some common reasons why your computer runs slow.

1) Installing Unnecessary Programs

All of us are guilty of committing this mistake. We keep softwares that we dont even use. These softwares keep draining your computers resources because they are always running in the background. So you better delete them if you dont need them.

2) Not enough space

Windows uses some space to store Log files, Temporary files and Error reports on your computer. Make sure that there is at least 5 Gb free space available in the drive where Windows is installed. Otherwise, your computer will will get slowed down and wont work properly.

You can analyze how your hard disk has been used and which folder is occupying how much space. To do this, install this simple and free tool called WinDirStat.
Here is the Download Link and Screenshot.

3) Old Processor

With a passage of time, processors efficiency drops down. It stops working the way it was supposed to work. It shows 100% CPU usage even when you are doing nothing. The end result is , slow speed and increased temperature. You can do nothing about it other than changing your Processor.You can check the  CPU usage by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Escape and clicking on the Performance tab.

4) Too Many Programs Running

Running too many programs simultaneously also results in slow speed.You can check how many programs are running and how much RAM the individual program is using.Just press Ctrl+Shift+Escape, click on Processes tab and there you are.To close any program, just click on the End Process button.

5) Startup Programs

There are some programs that run automatically when you start your computer.You can check them by going to Start>All Programs>Startup and can remove them from the Startup.It’s better to keep your startup folder empty.

6) Registry Issues

What is Registry? It is like a database where Windows stores its configuration info.It tells computer how to work and how not to.Registry related errors and issues make your computer run like a snail.

You can fix all the Registry issues using this free tool called CCleaner.CCleaner is not only a Registry Cleaner , it also does following things:
  •     Delete duplicate files.
  •     Remove Unnecessary programs.
  •     Clean cookies.
  •     Helps you maintain your privacy.

Here is the Download link and screenshot of CCleaner.

7) Viruses and Malwares

Your computer might be victim of viruses and malwares. It usually happens when you plug in any infected USB or download softwares from Un-Authorized Sites. To cope with this issue, you should install any Antivirus and keep it updated.

Accoding to PcMag, following are some great Antiviruses.
  •     BitDefender Antivirus
  •     AVG Antivirus (Free)
  •     Norton Antivirus
  •     Avira Antivirus (Free)
  •     Kaspersky Antivirus
  •     FortiClient 5.0 (Free)

Just install any free AntiVirus and you will do fine. Antiviruses are not worth spending money unless you are some big enterprise with a lot of competitors and enemies :)

As you just read, there can be various factors behind a slow computer. You just need to find the exact reason and rest of the job is easy.Share this post with your friends and prevent them from wasting their money.

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