Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Domain Authority Check How to Improve DA Rank ?

Domain Authority What is it ?

Domain authority in my words is the overall measurement of importance of domain name based on calculation of various factors like age of domain, numbers of quality back links, popularity of domain name, page rank, Alexa rank, content added on it etc.

Domain Authority of any domain may be from 0 100, higher in numbers is better domain authority.

How to Check Domain Authority of Your Blog ?

There is one famous site which strongly works as domain authority checker for the readers. The site is where I check  domain authority.

You can use this domain authority checker by following steps -

Just go to the site and then click on check domain authority and then search your domain name to check your DA Rank.

How to Improve Domain Authority or DA Rank ?

Here I am giving some useful tips which I follow & apply on my domains name to Improve Domain Authority.

1 Wait for Domain Name to be Old

We all heard Old is Gold and if some one wants really higher DA rank then keep patience and wait for your domain name to become old. Running a domain for long time creates its reliability automatically.

At this time most of the web masters purchase new domain name and after some time they left it from use and not renew it finally the domain in this way cant get higher authority rank.

I strongly recommend web masters to use domain name long time, If they really want high Domain authority for that.

2 High Page Rank Back links

The back links from high page rank domain names or pages really supports in boosting domain authority of the domain names.

I would like to strongly suggest to get back links from domains with higher page rank to Improve Domain Authority.

It would be better to get 1 PR 2 back link rather than 10 PR 1 back links and this really helps to gain high authority.

3 Make Your Domain Popular

Popular domain names always achieve high authority easily and If your domain name is getting traffic from so many sources specially from social media sites and search engines then there are more chances to Improve domain authority.

If users type your domain with extension in Google Example, then I am strongly sure your domain will get high authority soon.

4 More Content with Perfect to Use

If you are writing 1 or 2 posts every week and your posts contain every written line with highly importance and full of useful information for the readers then no one can stop your domain to get high authority rank.

What Link Building Methods you can Apply ?

  • Social Bookmarking - Now a days this is most popular way to gain popularity with traffic and high Pr back links and consume very less time.
  • Blog Commenting - I always do blog commenting to get high PR and related back links for my domain name and I do it on daily basis for my blogs. Blog Commenting helps the bloggers to make good relations withe other bloggers also.
  • Guest Blogging - No one link building technique can be compare with guest blogging to gain higher domain authority. Use some important guest posting sites list to write guest posts in it.

High domain authority helps the bloggers to get higher ranking in search engines and to make your blog successful it is very important to Improve domain authority or DA Rank. Thanks.

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