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Domaining : How to Get 5-Digit All Numeric Domains

About Domaining :

The online world of domain registration is somewhat similar to real-world real estate. In general, the shorter (fewer characters) the domain is, the higher price it sells for. Domains that are single-word, common dictionary words can fetch multi-million dollar prices. For example, reportedly sold for $13,000,000 in 2010 and for $11,000,000 in 2001. In addition, commonly searched words and phrases sell for high prices. It takes quite a bit of practice to figure out what makes a good domain name.  Head over to the domain selling sites linked to below to get an idea of whats being bid on, selling, and not selling in the market. Short domains that have a high number of Google exact keyword searches and high Adwords CPC (cost per click) rates are the most sought after.

Googles search algorithm has proven its preference for matching domain keywords and phrases with those in the users search. For example, if you search for diving shoes, is the #1 result. One can see how a good domain name is a relatively free or one-time payment way of organic advertising compared to spending money in AdWords.  For website owners who want to stand out, investing in Adwords CPC advertising can be expensive in order to get a site listed near the top of the page (in the sponsored area, of course).  With adblock use on the rise and browsing experience, Internet users may find the organic listings to be a far better resource then paid ads.

Most domains can be registered through a number of registrar sites. NameSilo is currently the cheapest registrar. When you register a bunch of domains at once, NameSilo offers bulk discounts.

You can register the domain and squat, hoping to find a buyer. Squatters list their domains on auction sides like GoDaddy Auctions,,,, and a many others. In general, squatting is frowned upon, as individuals and business may have real domain development intentions that are prevented due to squatting.  Squatters can get into trouble for owning domains that contain trademarked words or common misspellings of trademarked words.  In court cases, alleged squatters have had to provide evidence to show ample reason for owning a domain in the first place.

If youre looking for a domain name, is an excellent tool to come up with synonyms (related words) and quickly check of the .com, .org, and .net variations are taken.  These variations are also called TLDs (top-level domains). Dont get too excited if you find a good domain bustaname produces incorrect Available results from time to time.  Ive contacted the owners, and they are well aware of bugs as described here.  Still, it can quickly give you an indication and you can check available for sure with NameSilos domain availability tool.  With the NameSilo tool in the middle of the page, you can check up to 500 domains at once.

Just like real-estate, domain names can become abandoned. Theres a huge market for expired domain names.  Many of the domain name selling sites linked to above have sections designated to the acquisition of expired domains. Expired domain buyers can be placed in a queue.Domains can be back-ordered, notifying potential buyers when a particular domain becomes available.

An Experiment :
From my research, five-digit domains can fetch anywhere from $0 (no bids) and sell into the thousands. The website has quite a few listed every day at the equivalent of $30 USD. In some cases, Ive seen these domains go for over a thousand dollars. In these cases of high sale prices, a popular zip code is likely the reason.

Realizing there is somewhat of a market for 5-digit domain names, I programmed a script that checks all possible five-digit numbers with 0s for padding.  This means the automated script scans for the availability of .com sites for 00000 through 99999.  The script, coded in PHP, takes over 14 hours to complete a cycle with the current non-local validation API.  Yes, it is slow but trustworthy.

A couple of days ago (May 12, 2016 I believe), the cycle reported that out of 100,000 possible combinations, 98 5-digit domain names were available for registration.  Heres a sample of the list:

The next day, I tested to see if the domain names were still available.  All 98 were registered!  According to WHOIS information, quite a few of these domains are registered to Chinese companies.  Other research indicates the Chinese are very fond of 5-digit domains.  Four-digit domains and those that consistent solely of alphabetic characters are very hard to come by; fetching high prices compared to the 5-digiters.

I performed the same test the next day and found about three domains available.  I quickly scooped these up and registered them.  Today (May 14, 2016), the following domains are available (only five  of the 12 found so far are shown):

This research shows that Im not the only person who uses scripting or automation to find these five-digit domains.  This shouldnt be surprising.  As mentioned, domaining can be a profitable venture and there are quite a few websites dedicated to listing expired domains. We can assume domaining sites specializing in expired domains have faster APIs with access to actual expiration databases.

Where to Find 5-Digit All Numeric Domains

I compared my available 5-digit domain results for today with some of the top expired domain sites. The results were poor. The following sites did not show the domains my script found:,,,  If youre interested in finding a five-digit domain, I can assist. Use the contact page.

An Alternative Method (Not as Reliable)

When a domain expires on GoDaddy, they place a parked page until it is renewed or made available in 42 days.  You can search for expired domains using this information.  Use Wolfram Alpha to compute today 42 days and substitute the date in the following Google search string:

"This domain name expired on" "04/01/2016" inurl:com

This will search for .com domains that should be free from GoDaddys registration 42 days ago from today (May 14, 2016). From my testing, there is not much benefit to this technique but perhaps it can be improved upon. The was still much more effective in telling whether a domain is available and other important statistics such as page rank, number of searches, etc.

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