Thursday, June 29, 2017

Get Free Targeted Traffic Without Search Engines

Why It Is Important ?

Get Free Targeted Traffic is the main thing for blog, only traffic may give you the success for your blog. Having a good & targeted traffic is the primary goal of every blogger for which they do every work which they can do.   get free targeted traffic
When our blog has free targeted traffic according the subject or topic of blog then it is very easy to earn more money through your affiliate programs which you have joined for your blog & more posibilities to increase in Income from Google Adsense kind of advertising programs for publishers or blog owners.

Tips to Get Free Targeted Traffic without Search Engine

1 – Use Facebook & Twitter

Daily I use both the social sites to get free targeted traffic for my blog. For this you have to join Facebook & Twitter both and create your profiles in both the sites.

I would like to suggest you to add & follow friends related to your niche and ask them to follow you. Share your every new and published post in both the sites, this will let you to get free targeted traffic to your blog from these social sites.

2 – Try Offline Advertising

Offline advertising techniques are also good for free targeted traffic to your blog. I have seen lot of stickers, banners & posters of the various blogs or websites in the public buses, behind the cars glasses, at the walls also.

I think by following these offline advertising tricks you can get free targeted traffic to your blog.

3 – Banner Advertising on related Blogs

Search all the blogs & websites related to your niche and ask the blog owners to exchange banner exchange of each other. or You can do paid banner advertising on other blogs related to your niches. You can get free targeted traffic from websites of related niche.

4 – Email Marketing Campaigns

No doubt, Email marketing is the most important way to get free targeted traffic without depending on search engines. Just use email subscription plugins on your blog and increase list of email subscribers of your blog and time to time run your email marketing campaigns to promote your blog posts.

5 – Use Link Building

Do guest posting which is the most following way to get free targeted traffic by the bloggers.

Don’t forget to do blog commenting which is still working as the best strategy to get free targeted traffic on your blog.

I always follow the above mentioned techniques to get free targeted traffic to my blogs and I think you can also be a successful blogger by applying the above mentioned ways to get free targeted traffic

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