Thursday, June 15, 2017

How to Start Online Freelancing Career [Full Time / Part Time]

Have you bored from your full time Job ?

Do you think you are not getting actual income according to your ability ?

Do you hate some one who is called Boss over to you ?

I am asking these questions becuase I don’t like all the above mentioned things …And I hope you also because you are reading this post to Start Online Freelancing Career.

If this is true … Then Don’t worry about it. I will help you by sharing some killer tips to Start Freelance Career like a pro.

5 Steps to Take to Start Online Freelancing Career

If you are dreaming to become successful freelancer to enjoy the rain of money then my biggest advice for you to not to be unrealistic freelancer. Just follow the step by step guide mentioned here and focus on that consistently.

1 – Choose Your Field

It is already observed and has mentioned in the success stories of the other freelancers that choosing right topic is the key to open first door of your successful online career.

Now the question arises How to Choose the Field to Start Freelancing career.

Do you know ? What factors really matters to choosing field for Freelancing ?

Answer is here..

A – Field in which you are specialist and known for your effective working.

B – Niche which is highly trending and has good future growth possible.

C – Sector which is high paying for every project you take for maximum ROI.

2 – Make Yourself Branded

For every beginner who is new in freelancing world, it is very hard to get work on daily basis because every one likes to give work order to tested and trusted freelancers.

But don’t worry if you are newbi…

I would like to suggest you just low your prices if you are new and complete some projects successfully to create your trust among the companies which give orders regularly for freelancers.

4 major factors which work strongly to create brand awareness about you as a Freelancer.

A – Perfection – Know each and everything about your niche topics.

B – Trust – Give What you commit …

C – Consistency – Be regular to be noticed always.

D – Profile - without having a complete profile online it is impossible to get success online in freelancing career.

So you can take use of websites, blogs, social networks or Freelance networks to show your profile in front of your audience.

3 – Start Targeted Marketing

Do you know real meaning of targeted online marketing ?

Answer – First know your targeted audience and start promotion about your brand in front of them.

Lot of peoples in the online world spend their huge money and many months or some time years for online marketing but they don’t get order for their freelance projects.

Reason is only one – They don’t focus on marketing in front of targeted audience.

So just search the ways to reach to your targeted audience after identifying them perfectly.

Bad Online Marketing Technique – If you are Selling services related to old age peoples and focusing to the age group of 14 – 18 years, then this is absolutely true that your whole the online marketing campaign is going to fail.

Good Online Marketin Technique – If you are writing blogs about women beauty care products or products related to women in any way, and you are doing online promotion to target women then you are doing right online marketing.

In this way after identifying your right audience and doing targeted marketing for them you will get Maximum ROI of your online marketing campaign.

4 – Now Price Your Self

Before reading more details in this point, first I want to ask you some questions about your Freelance Business.

Questions are here :

A – Are you established Freelancer in the market ?

B – Do you have brand name for your self or for your website or blog ?

IF the answer for both the question is ” YES ” then it’s time start to Price Yourself.

Now start doing valuation of your freelance services to take good returns of your Time spend because we all know

” Time is Money “ .

To get more income for your work just compare your service quality & its prices with your competitors to value your working abilities.

5 – Time to Quit Job

If all above mentioned 4 steps have taken correctly by you and the most important thing you are getting price according to your choice for your work then this is the time to be tension free for your career as a freelancer.

And Now when you already became successful online freelancer, Then it is the perfect time to quit your Job an become your own boss.

Personally I never did any Job in my life because I want to see myself as an employer not as an employee, So If your thoughts are just similar to me and If you got success in your online freelancing Career then It’s the right time to convert your self from part time to Full Time Freelancer.

I have putted my all golden eggs here to Start Online Freelancing Career like pro. I hope you will like it.

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