Monday, June 12, 2017

How to stay Motivated as a WordPress Blogger for Forever?

There are various ways to stay motivated like by reading success stories, recalling inspirational quotes and watching motivational movies etc. But on the same hand, they also consume a lot of your time, dont they? So how can you stay motivated without wasting any time?

Well, there is a plugin called Motivate Me. It is quite small and light-weight. Once you install, it will keep you motivated forever. You can find that plugin here, or install it directly from your WordPress Blog.

What it does?

It gives you advices, suggestions and tell you motivational quotes whenever you are about to log into your Blog. Not only that, it will also tell you jokes and make you smile :)

Dont worry, this plugin is quite simple and small. But it will give you motivation which will help you achieve big goals.

How to Install it?

Just login to your Blog. Move your cursor to Plugins and then click on Add New. A new window will open and in top right corner, just type Motivate me. It will show you various plugins but you only need to install first one and you are done :)

Here is a link to the official page of that plugin.

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