Thursday, June 8, 2017

Why Javascript is known as JAVAscript?

Why there is a word Java in JavaScript? Is there any connection between Java and Javascript? Is Java subset of Javascript? or they are not related at all and everything is just a result of some coincidence?

I have asked these questions to multiple Web Developers and one of them came up with an answer:

Java is to JavaScript what Car is to Carpet
But it is not a satisfactory answer. There must be something more of a relation than that, it cant just be a coincidence. Right?

History of Javascript

Javascript is a client side scripting language which is used to make Webpage interactive. It was developed by Brendan Eich in 1995 when he was working for Netscape. It was first known as Mocha, but after some time it was changed to LiveScript. For more information and tutorials, you need to visit W3Schools website.

Why there is a word JAVA in Javascript?

After exploring the web and reading couple of blogs, I came up with a conclusion that there is not a single reason why javascript is known as JAVAscript. Some of the reasons are:

  • Netscape added support for Java technology in their Netscape Navigator browser. Starting from that point, LiveScript is known as Javascript.
  • Javascript replaced Java Applets from the Web and at that time Java was quite popular. So thats the reason why people started labeling it as Javascript.
  • As Java was popular at that time, Netscape changed the name from LiveScript to Javascript as a marketing strategy to attract more developers.

Alright, those are some possible reasons but dont stop here.

What Brendan Eich, the creator of Javascript says about it?

In an interview to InfoWorld, he said: "Netscape and Sun did a license agreement and it became JavaScript. The idea was to make it a complementary scripting language to go with Java, the compiled language.  Further more We were developing Javascript as a little brother to Java, as like Visual Basic was to C++ in Microsoft’s language families at the time. You can read the whole interview here Javascript Creator ponders past,future"

Hope you guys learned something new in this article. For more information, have a look at these following links :)

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