Thursday, June 29, 2017

Why You Should Allow Comments on your Blog

Blog comments have became the major part of every blog. Most of the bloggers work lot on their blogs and make various strategies to get more and more comments on their blogs.

If you are a blogger and If you have any confusion to taking decision to allow comments on your blog or not ? Then you are going to know the major advantages of allow comments on your blog. Here I am going to describe some useful logics why I allow blog comments on my blog and why you should allow ?

Reasons to Allow Comments on your blog

1 – Increases the Interaction

Blog comments are the  factor which really creates the interaction on our blogs. Do you know why peoples like to read the Blogs ?            

Because blogs are best place for discussion and question and answers. And Blog Comments are the best way to ask the questions and giving the answers of the readers questions. In this way blog comments play the role of key to increase the interaction on the blogs.

2 – To Generate New Ideas

If you are a serious blogger and if you check your every blog comment before approving it, then definitely you will read some comments also which contains the quality in it.

This task by you will surely help you to generate new ideas for your new blog posts. So If you allow comments on your blog then you will see the flow of some useful ideas for your blogs.

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3 – For High Quality Content

Not only content of your blog post contains quality but with this comments also have some quality full content on your blogs posts.

Intelligent commenters always try to add more quality content in their comments on your blogs to increase the possibility of approval of their comments on your blogs.

In this way you are going to get more quality full information by allow comments on your blogs.

4 – Regular Traffic

If you have regular commenters on your blogs then decision to allow comments will give you regular traffic on your blog. Because getting the regular traffic is the main goal of every blogger and bloggers must allow comments on their blogs will help them to achieve their target.

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5 – Creates the Valuable Image

When ever you see more comments on any blog then you will think this is more valuable blog because more and more peoples like to do Blog commenting on that blog. If you allow comments then you will going one step ago to create the big valuable image of your blog.

Due to above mentioned 5 reasons I decided to allow comments on my blog. You can consider some reasons to allow comments on your blogs also

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