Tuesday, July 18, 2017

10 Tips for Writing an Attractive and Eye-Catching Title?

When we go to market, we buy some things we don’t even need. We buy them just because they are kept in a beautiful packing and they are so eye-catching that we ignore everything else. Have you gone through the same situation? No matter your answer is Yes or No, same is the matter with our Blog Posts.

Title is the first thing that readers read on your Blog or Social Media. They act as a packing for your Blog Posts and if they are not attractive enough, nobody clicks on them. Which results in ZERO traffic getting to your Blog. You must ensure that you present your Blog Posts with beautiful packing.There are various techniques and tips for doing that. Let’s dive in and find out:

1) Use simple and easy to understand words in your title.

2) Your title should be precise and unambiguous.

3) It should not be misleading.

4) Your title should be promising values and benefits to the readers.

5) Present your title in the form of list. Such as 7 Ways to write Effective Content.

6) Tell about yourself in title. For Example How I became millionaire in just one week.

7) Provide solution in your title. Like, How to deal with Writers Block?

8) Ask question. Such as Why you should not buy Hosting from your Domain Name Registrar?

9) Avoid using Essays Approach. For Example don’t write something like What is Writers Block?, Blogging means Boss of your Own. These titles are vague and unclear. So avoid them.

10) Show criticism like, Why I would never use Godaddy ever again?.

There are tons of other things you can do or simply you can use this free tool called tweak your biz. I always use this tool and I am sharing it only with you guys. Tell me if you like it or not?

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