Sunday, July 2, 2017

3 Websites that Pay you for Writing Articles

 Writing Articles for Revenue Sharing Sites is very common Nowadays,you should try it too.All you need to do is write some Articles and promote them.In result, you earn money from those Articles.They add up a really good Passive Income.I have been writing on those sites for about 8 Months now and they are working quite well for me.


This is another addicting site for writers.They allow you to publish your Articles and earn lifetime Royalty from them.Earning Potential is quite slow but they offer you 3 methods for earning money, which somewhat covers this Negative Point.

You can earn by Writing Articles,by Reviewing other people Articles and by Referring your friends.For each review , you earn 5% of that article’s earning and for every referral; you earn 10% of their lifetime earning.
Join Wikinit now.


It is kind of GuestBlogging Platform.You signed up there ; submit an Article.It is reviewed by Moderators and then it gets Published.Your Articles should be of at least 400 Words.

You earn 1/2 Cent for each unique View.It means for 1000 views , you earn 5$. They pay you via Paypal.


They ask you to write Listing Articles , consisted of at least 1500 Words.You have to write Articles such as :

10 Crazy Facts about Barack Obama
10 Shocking Movies that are Based on True Story
15 Reasons why we sleep at Night
12 Movies you should not Watch

Note : Each Article must have at least 10 items not less than that.No need to Sign Up , just send them the Article with your Paypal Address.

You get paid 100$ for each Approved Article.

My Suggestions for You

Wikinut : Its earning potential is very Low and Slow.All you should do is , publish your Articles there and forget about them.When you will have enough Articles published, they will add up a reasonable passive income for you.Write for this site only in your free time.

Writedge : You can also get Backlinks,Recognition and Traffic for your own Blog from this site.They also conduct contests where you can win some Cash Prizes.They have specified some categories, you can write only about them.

Listverse: Do you have something interesting?Yes?Then go ahead , Listverse is waiting for you.

Writing does not make you Rich, but it helps you get Rich.So write heck a lot for heck a lot of Sites and they will add up a reasonable Passive Income for you.

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