Monday, July 3, 2017

4 Title Writing Tips for readers and search engines Both

 Title is just like a door for success of the blog post. Every title can play the 50%  role in creating a successful blog post if it is written intelligently by applying these title writing tips which most successful bloggers follow.

Titles of the posts are just like the head lights or front look of cars, When A car comes to you then you make your first view after watching its head light or front look only.
Just like this When you read the title of the blog post first time, then it strikes your mind that the rest content of the post is valuable or not ?? So the useful title writing tips make your post worthable to make first image better.

Yes… It’s the thing I want to say all the bloggers to clearly know the all importance of the way in which you have created title of your blog posts. Brilliant bloggers always follow title writing tips given by my kind of logical bloggers.

If you did lot of work to write valuable Fresh content in your blog post and If you are not applying proper title writing tips at the time of creating titles then your content will not give you that result which you desire from it…


Don’t Worry about It… Read the title writing tips below which I apply in my blog and you should also follow…

Title Writing Tips for readers and Search Engines

To Know best title writing tips which attracts the readers as well as the search engines both equally follow the step by step guide below.

1 – I would like to suggest you to make 2 parts of the title, first half must focus the search engines and second half must be focused for the readers. Watch the Image Below…

Description of the Image – In The above image title contains two parts..

First half part for Search Engine - FreshLife WordPress Theme

Second Half part for Readers attention5 Reaons to Buy It

2 - You Must use long tail keywords in the first half of the title , this title writing tips increase the possibility of higher search engine ranking for multiple keywords.

Example – In the above image Long Tail Keyword is – Freshlife WordPress Theme

3 - You can use numbers in starting of Title this brings readers attention more.

In this we have used 12 number two describe the readers about exact numbers of blogging mistakes.

4 - Do not mention any year in the title, By following this title writing tips in your titles of the post definitely your title will never become old in eyes of the readers.

To make complete success of your written content in your blog posts you have to work smartly on your titles to make it attractive for both search engines and readers by following above mentioned title writing tips regularly. I also apply these title writing tips for my blog posts.

If you Know some more tips for writing perfect titles, Then Feel Free to share below in comments…Thanks.

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