Sunday, July 30, 2017

5 Huge Drawbacks of Being a Freelancer

 Freelancing is very common nowadays and everybody regardless of their age is stepping into it.But do you think Earning Online is like pulling an apple from a tree? Do you think that it is a child’s play and only has Advantages?

Well  “ABSOLUTELY NOT“. To get something , you need to sacrifice something.

It does have some Drawbacks and those drawbacks are can be really fatal.Lets start discussing them if you are ready:

1) Disturbance Elements

Whenever someone sees you sitting in front of a computer, first of all they think that you are surfing Facebook,Youtube or Watching any movie etc and they don’t stay away from disturbing you.Actually the concept of Earning Online is still unacceptable for many people , so they don’t really think from that perspective. Also they don’t shy away from increasing your workload and giving their own work to you.Such as making a facebook page /email id / formatting a document/installing Windows/making a presentation for them etc.

2) Tons of Distractions

As all of your work has to be done on Laptop, hence you may get tempted to open facebook,youtube,check emails  or watch any movie etc.Some unexpected guests may arrive and that will really distract you from working.You also get lazy because you don’t need any preparation before start working, you don’t even need to leave your bed.

3) No Holiday

You don’t go to office and you don’t have any proper schedule to follow.So there is no Holiday for you and you don’t get any summer vacation .Your working time is 24/7 and no disaster or national day can save you from working.Actually,your employers live in the different countries with a different nationality & weather.So even if it is raining/national holiday/any other festival in your Country ;it is none of their Business.They are concerned with their work only and you must deliver it on time.

4) Minor Issues can Ruin Everything

Freelancers completely rely on their Laptop and Internet Connection.If they run into problem with any of these things then it is their own headache, clients don’t care about it.They just need their work done.If you can’t do it on time then they will find someone else for themselves.

5) No Confirmed Salary

If you work offline then your job is secure.Your pay is fixed and confirmed;you get your salary monthly , weekly or daily.While if you are a freelancer, you would need to earn daily and every single second.Time is really money for the freelancers;sleeping for one extra hour can disturb their monthly budget.

Note that above points represent the drawbacks of freelancing not their bad effects.

It is widely misunderstood that being a freelancer is blessing and they earn easy money.While the reality is opposite; being a freelancer is more tough and it takes more effort than any Offline job.So never quit your Regular Job without thinking 100 Times before about Freelancing.

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