Sunday, July 30, 2017

5 Signs that You were Born to Be a Blogger

How to tell if were really born to be a blogger and if this job is suitable for you?Well here are some points that you should find in yourself you want to find out.

1)  You are Master of Something

You have a specific talent or a keen interest in any field and you know a lot about it.So you  in future you would share that knowledge with other people.

2)  Experienced

You have a lot of experience in something and you want to share your experience with the World.Experience matters a lot , someone can quickly learn everything from you that you learned after spending 10 years.

3)  You don’t Talk or You Talk very Much

If you are very social or if it is other way , then it may lead you to be a Blogger .So that you can share your thoughts with other people without moving your tongue or facing them.

4) You don’t get along with People

People in their daily lives behave quite differently from when they are online.You find other people weird and you shy away from them, so you may like to interact with them via your blog.

5) Partial to Literature

Another sign can be, that you are very much into literature stuffs.You like to read/write a lot smf you are also used to write a diary.

6) You are Alone

You are alone , you have nobody to talk to and share your feelings. So you may end up making a Blog so that you can write down your feelings and emotions on a Web Page.It is similar to telling your story to anyone.

7) You are an Entrepreneur, Freelancer,Businessman etc

If you are any one of those above then it is certain that you will have your own Blog in future.You will advertise and offer your services on it.It is just like a marketplace where you can do self-publishing.

8) You just love Sharing and Socializing

You love to connect and socialize with other people , especially online and you love sharing stuffs with them.You will definitely end up making a separate platform for that purpose.(Your own Blog)

I hope you have any of above points,if yes then you are definitely going to be a Successful  Blogger.So who won’t be a successful Blogger? Well , those people who start Blog just for the sake of earning some bucks are not gonna be successful.They will  soon loose their interest and give up.

Blogging takes time to give your results, so never give up too soon.I believe in you that you were born to be a blogger , so you should also believe in yourself and never loose hope.

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