Thursday, July 6, 2017

9 Shortcut Keys Every Windows User Should Know

Shortcut keys are insanely useful. You have no idea how many lives they safe everyday. They help you stay concentrated, save time and be more productive. Furthermore, using them makes you look like a Geek :) 

You try to find shortcuts for getting successful; you look for an easier way to earn money, you wander here and there for get-rich-quickly schemes. But why not learn some shortcut keys that actually work and are worth looking for.They will rescue you from many headaches, trust me. Here are some of those useful shortcut keys that I personally use.

1) Direct Access to Task Manager

You first press Ctrl+Alt+Delete which takes you to the logon screen and then you open Task Manager from there, right? Why waste time by going through 3 steps when you can do it in one. Just press Ctrl+Shift+Escape.

2) Creating a New Folder

We make a lot of folders, right? But for that, you don’t need to use your mouse anymore. Just press these 3 keys  Ctrl+Shift+N and get your new folder.

3) Switching Windows

Suppose you have couple of minimized windows and you want to restore any one of them. You can do that by pressing Alt+Tab, keep pressing Tab Button for moving from one window to another.

4) Delete Files Permanently

Do you know? Whenever you delete files and send them to the Recycle Bin, they still occupy some space. To delete files permanently, you need to use Shift+Delete.

5) Show Desktop

Sometimes, you need to see the desktop and you minimize couple of windows to get there. You can all avoid all that work by simply pressing Win+D, pressing it again will bring you back to the previous opened window.

6) Locking Computer

Suppose you feel thirsty and you need to get out of the room for water. While you are also afraid that someone may take a look at your work and mess  with it. You can simply kill that fear by pressing Win+L. It will lock your computer and will ask for password for re-login. Make sure that you have set a password on your account.

7) Select All

Time comes when you want to select everything in a folder. You can do that by pressing Ctrl+A. It will select all files and folders. This shortcut can be used to select all the text when you are writing something in Notepad, WordPress or MS Word etc.

8) Moving to First/Last Element

You want to select the last file or folder? Why do so much scrolling down when you can do it with one Key? Just press END button and it will take you there. For doing the opposite, you may press the HOME button and you will see the move to the first element.

9) Open Everything

To open certain Programs & Utilities, you may use their Short Names.Just open Start, type their short names and hit Enter. You can open Start by pressing Window key which is located beside the  left Alt key. Following are the shortnames for some Progams & Tools.
They are not finished yet, there are many more :)

All these shortcut keys are quiet helpful and they are widely used. They save lot of my time and they will do the same for you. Go ahead, play with them and also don’t forget to SHARE this post with other people.

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