Tuesday, July 18, 2017

9 Things I love about Blogging and Which keep me Going

In start, we all take blogging as a piece of cake. After some time the result is obvious, we came up disappointed , demotivated , annoyed and tired of Blogging. But before you quit, I want you to take a look at following good things about Blogging. Sure it takes one heck a lot of effort, work, patience, devotion and motivation to get your hands over them. But knowing these things about Blogging will certainly help you stay motivated. Share this post with your friends and they will always remember you in prayers :)

1) Boss of your Own

When you blog, you don’t follow any instructions. It is just you and your blog, you can do whatever you want, however you want and whenever you want. You are the boss of your own.

2) Blog is more than a Website

Your blog is not just a website with one URL Address. It is one heck a lot of things. It is your home on Internet, it is your diary, it is your novel, it is your business etc.

3) Write in your own style

You write in your own style when you blog.I assure that no English Professor will come and scold you.Blogging is not like writing an application or writing a cover letter for a job.You bring your own writing style into your Blog.

4) Present however you Want

Suppose you have written an article.Now you can invent your own way of presenting it.You are free to use Bold, Underline, Italics texts or Headings, Images, Alignments etc.

5) It’s all free

You don’t need to pay any publisher for getting your article published.You don’t need to pay commission for selling your products.You can freely advertise anything or run any promotional campaign on your blog.

6) No Boundaries

Write an article, hit publish and you have sent it to the whole World.Now anyone from any part of the world can access it.You don’t need to pay any media channel or newspaper for that.

7) Making New Connections

You get to know the people who have same interest as yours. They may contact you for any question,help or maybe offer you a job by judging your capabilities from your Blog.

8) Find New Friends

It’s fun when people contact you after reading your Blog or leave comments on your Articles.You share you knowledge with them and they return you the favor with their friendship.

9) Gives you a Voice

Blogging provides you with a platform to speak your World.You can share your thoughts, knowledge, experience, feelings etc with the World.Nobody is gonna stop you.

Last Words

I always say this to my readers “Blogging is not a sprint race; it is marathon“. So you need to stay consistent and motivated.Success does not come overnight, it takes time.Of course this post is incomplete without your participation.Feel free to drop a comment and share what you love about Blogging :)

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