Thursday, July 6, 2017

Best Way to Unblock Youtube and Watch Age-Restricted Videos

Is YouTube blocked in your country? Are you tired of installing VPNs such as Hotspot Shield and getting bombared by their advertisements? Well don’t worry, it will take only a minute to solve all of your problems :)
For those who are in hurry. Just go to this site called YtPak and start watching YouTube videos. Boom, your problem is solved. Because all of the YouTube videos are hosted there. So instead of going to, you can simply go to YtPak and watch any YouTube video. Alright, I guess half of my readers are gone now as they have found the solution to their problem :)

Those of you who wanna read more. You are more than welcome :)

How to Watch Age-Restricted Videos? or How to Bypass Age-Restriction Filter?

The answer is simple, as I have mentioned above. All of the YouTube videos are hosted on that YtPak site and they don’t apply any age-restriction filter. So you can watch any video you want no matter if it was blocked by YouTube on

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