Friday, July 21, 2017

Blog Commenting Tips to be Approved

...Below I have shared useful blog commenting tips which may guide you, how to comment on other blogs for achieving success on your link building work. These blog commenting tips are according to my personal experience of comments on other blogs.

10 Blog Commenting Tips for approval of your comments

1 – First Read The Post

I would like to suggest you to read the post first carefully and understand the content of the post first before doing comments below the post. This is most important blog commenting tips which I always follow. 

2 – Read Other’s Comments

By reading others comments below the post, you would be able to understand that which kind of comments are approve by the blog owner. So you can make your comment eligible for approval.

3 – Comment must be Long & Descriptive

Your blog comment must be long, there should be minimum 3 sentences in your blog comments and your comment must describe the thing clearly which you would like to write in your comments. This is mostly followed blog commenting tips by top commenters.

4 – Use Original Name

Blog comments with original name are only worthable to be accepted. Generally comments with not original name look like spam comments. So I would like to suggest you to use Original name in your blog comments. Follow this blog commenting tips and get more approval of your wok.

5 – Add Quality

Always do more afforts to write quality full comment, Because every blogger want to add quality content in his/her blog. So always try to share more related and quality information in your comment.

6 – Give Rspect

Giving respect to the blogger for his work is more important blog commenting tips. Always remember to give respect by doing appreciate for his good work in his/her blog post.

7 – Reply to other comments

Make relation with other persons who are commenting on that blog by doing reply to the comments that are already approved. This Blog commenting tips helps you to creating your community of commenters.

8 – Create Profiles

Just remember to create profiles in most popular comment systems just like Disqus, Comment Luv, Livefyre and WordPress because most of the blogs ask to login first before doing comment in blog post.

9 – Write in Your Language -

Always be original & unique, means write your comment in your original language only. Your comment language must be in your own words and in unique ways. This is tested blog commenting tips by me.

10 – Use Social Profiles

Adding Social profiles in your comment shows that you are the real and original person and most of the bloggers just like me mostly approve those comments which has social profile links in it.

The above described blog commenting tips may make expert of commenting task and successful blogger. Thanks for reading these blog commenting tips . Remember to share these blog commenting tips with your friends.

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