Saturday, July 29, 2017

Five old school SEO Techniques

 These techniques are still effective to some extent but please don’t use them like an extremist or your will get penalized by Google.So let’s dive in and wipe out some dusts from those old school techniques.

Keyword Stuffing

This technique was used greatly to fool search engines.All people were used to do was , putting common and popular keywords into their Post.So that if someone types those keywords into the Search Engine , their page will show up on the top.

Now Google uses the term called Keyword Density, to fight with that kind of Technique.If you use too many keywords over and over again in your post, it will damage your Page Rank.

Buying Links

This technique was used by lazy or Business man Bloggers. They were used to buy backlinks from the high Quality blog to increase their Page Rank.

Now Google not only penallize Blogs that buy links but also those Blogs who sell these links.

Backlinks Chain

Bloggers were used to form a Brotherhood among them.They are still brothers and help each other out , but I am talking about something else. They would link their Blog to each other ,to increase the number of Backlinks.It would be a win-win situation for them.

Now Google checks if the Backlink is one way or two way.If it is two-way ,then it will be worthless.Hence this method is also secured.

Spammy Guest Posts

For the sake of Backlinks,bloggers were used to write low quality guest posts but high in quantity.Backlinks are always been quite important , to get your Blog show up on the top of Search Results.

Now Google does not check the Quantity of Backlinks only.It pays more attention towards the Quality of that Backlink.Hence writing spammy posts on low Quality Blogs , does not really give any fruitfult results.

Spamming Blogs

All above mentioned techniques show selfish behaviour of a blogger, but this one really exposes the selfishness of a Blogger.This technique is all about visiting other people blog and posting your links on them via comments.The result was increase in your Page Rank but Quality degradation of other Blog.

Now plugins are made to cope with those spammy comments, such as Askimet.Your comment does not get approved till the Admin of Blog does not want to.

In the end , all I want to say is “Focus on the Quality of your Content and Forget about the Rest”.

Google does not care about the quantity of articles your Blog contain.Google only wants High Quality and informative content that would be useful for its users.

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