Saturday, July 29, 2017

Five Reasons Why Quality is Important?

 Blogging is not all about generating content on regular basis.If you think it is then you are going in the wrong direction. Just being a Content Generating Mill will not make you a successful Blogger.You need to write High Quality content.Never compromise on the Quality of your content just for the sake of posting regularly

Why Quality is So Important?

Readers and Subscribers come to your Blog because of High Quality Articles, not because of huge Quantity of your Articles.People can find tons of articles on Internet , but what they need is High Quality and useful Content.

1) Thousands of blogs are already residing on Internet and millions of them are being created Daily.So make sure that your content is High Quality enough to survive against them.

2) Online readers are far more different than the offline ones.If they find your article boring and hard to understand, they will just close the tab.

3) Reader does not have only your blog opened in his Browser.There are at least 3 more tabs already opened.In which, one may belong to YouTube video,other to Facebook and the last one to his Email Account.So your content should be attractive and compelling enough to get the reader keep reading.

4) You are not the only one who is writing on this subject.If your content is not helpful,the reader may simply go somewhere else.

5) It takes couple of seconds for a visitor to reach your Blog , but it takes him only one  click to leave.So think as a reader and try to make your content attractive and compelling to them.

I hope you have gotten some idea what I am talking about and why do I focus so much on the Quality.

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