Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How to Find someone on Facebook without Logging in

There can be various reasons for finding someone on Facebook. I will write them below:

  • Maybe because you are a Stalker :)
  • You want to find your childhood’s friend.
  • You want to know if a person does have a facebook account or not.
  • You are parent and you want to keep an eye on your child.
  • You suspect your boyfriend/girlfriend and you want to know if he/she has more than one facebook account.

Tell me if you don’t fall into above categories. I will add your category too :)

I know you are so much in rush, so I won’t make you wait. Following are the 2 URLs that can be used to find your person. You may use either his/her name or email address, it depends upon you. You can also find Facebook pages and topics, just keep reading.

Search using Name and Email Address

Click Here

It’s not necessary that you want to find only a person. Maybe you want to find any group/page/topic or something else on facebook. You can use this below link.

Search anything on Facebook

Click Here

Last Words : I don’t exactly know why you want to search someone. But here is what I hope for you:

  • I hope your girlfriend/boyfriend is sincere with you.
  • I hope you find your childhood’s friend.
  • I hope your child is doing fine.

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