Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Make $1500 in one month from Facebook

 Hey guys are you a Facebook user , spend your precious time on Facebook????? Im going to reveal a simple step by step method of making money, using Facebook account..Currently there are many people who are making money everyday by their Facebook account, so lets know what the actual formula is !!!!!

Step -1 First of all find out a good affiliate program and sign-up for an affiliate account, there are various good affiliate programs who offer an impressive commission on each sell,
Amazon, Clickbank, Ebay are the best known affiliate program.

Step-2 Create a fresh Facebook account, but keep remember you have to sign-up as a female user, just pick a sweet name of any girl and attach a photo which represents the girl profile, you can choose flowers, hot lips or a doll photos to set it as your profile picture, girls are good magnet to attract more people , that's why we are creating a girl profile on Facebook ( sorry girls).

Step-3 Now it's time to attract more people to be your friend, just write"mass add email" in Facebook search bar and hit enter, various profiles, groups and pages will be opened who provide a large list of email of the Facebook users, just copy the email, now click on invite friends on Facebook a message box will be opened, now paste the emails which you have copied and write a short message that " I'm new on Facebook please add me" , and click the send button, the invitation will be sent to the given emails.

Step-4 After 1-2 days you will see that various people have accepted your friend request, now you have to add more people to your friend list, maximum 5000 friends can be added in one profile, you have to add 5000 people in your Facebook profile, there are various ways to get more friends on Facebook through which you can add more friends on Facebook.

Step-5 After getting 5000 friends just create a Facebook page , and upload a profile pic and cover image of page, you must have to choose photos of profile and cover related to your products.

Step-6 Now in the right side above of the page there is an option of build audience, click there and select invite friends, now a list will be opened withe the invitation button just click invite one by one, this will take your more time to invite all your 5000 friends one by one, there is not any method to invite all friends at once, many people uses software and black hat methods to invite all friends within a single click, but that is spam, and Facebook may block you permanently so avoid these methods and do what i'm saying.

Step-7 After inviting more friends you will see that people are liking your page everyday now start posting on your page , just pick the product you want to promote , write a short review and upload the photo of product and publish it, if your page have 2k-3k likes then i'm sure that you will gate 5-10 sells everyday it all depends on the number of people liking your page...

This method is tasted in August 2016 even I'm earning good money by this method, so don't waste time and start earning...good luck

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