Saturday, July 22, 2017

Role of Social Media in SEO & Importance

Social media is emerged as the ultimate tool for the bloggers to make promotion of their blogs and in seo also. There is huge role of social media in seo of the blogs or websites. I have read the views of the seo experts about the importance of social media in seo. At this time search engines specifically focus on the social media signals to rank the web pages in the searches. Many bloggers are regularly writing about the role of social media in seo.

After Google's last search results ranking algorithm updates, lot of bloggers are focusing majorly on the social media promotion and on page seo of the web pages. I also tested the role of social media in seo of the my very latest blog which is started with very great jump in its Initial stage.

How Importance and role of Social media in SEO affects -

As I think at this time role of social media in seo is the second major factor after on page seo optimization. If your blog is perfectly on page optimized, then I would like to suggest you to focus on Social media promotion only for higher search engine ranking of the web pages of your blogs.

Role of Social media in seo is just like a fuel in Aeroplane. It means if your Aeroplane is ready to fly then it needs only fuel to fly. Role of social media in seo is just like this example.

Social media signals in higher number is the second priority of search engine measurement to give higher ranking of  your web pages on search of keywords.

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I mostly focus, Twitter , Google Plus and Facebook pages to increase social media presence. I checked the role of social media in seo in this recent blog. And I found very positive result of social promotion. I first focus on on page seo then focus on social media promotion.

Now I am satisfied with my ranking of my blog in search engine. This shows their is biggest role of social media in seo of blogs. Thanks.

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