Tuesday, July 25, 2017

SEO optimization techniques for every Articles

 After creating a post there is a big work remains to do on your blog post ,that is SEO optimization for new posts ..This is the main working step which requires hard work
As you know very well that after creating a blog post you have to make it more visible amongst the people ,and to perform this you will have to make it’s SEO sharp and too sharp because there is million blog on the internet and you are trying to inter in this crowed and make good position there lets discuss about the working step on “how to make website SEO sharp ?”
First step belongs to the time before writing a blog post and that is the initial step on making sharp SEO of blog post

 Step-1---first of all select a suitable title for your blog post after then be sure that your  title is SEO friendly or not, to do this just go to google adwords and put there your title and find out the keywords which is generally searched by people, after then copy that keyword and paste to your title box, doing this your blog post get a SEO friendly title,now you have completed your first step of this work lets move to a second step..

Step-2—In the second step you have to find out more keywords related to your blog post, these keywords help your blog to be visible and searchable to the search engines,  adding keywords in the blog post is good for the health of  your blog post but keep in mind adding same keyword again and again is not good ,it will be listed as the spam so be careful.

Step-3—After completing first and second step lets come to the third step, in this step you have to make the backlinks for your blog . making backlinks is the best method of sharping seo of blog because it help search engines to search your blog easily without submitting sitemap, backlinks are the links which are shortcut for your blog post, before creating backlinks you have to be sure that the keywords used on the backlinks are SEO friendly or not? This will be good to optimize blog post …

Step-4—In this step you have to add the seo optimized tags on your blog post this is another method to make SEO sharp for your blog post just select some special tags and put them on your blog posts, you can also do keywords research to get seo optimized tags…

Step-5—In this step you are suggested to optimize your writing skills ,you have to write your blog post according to the keywords just have a list of seo optimized keywords before writing a blog post and use the keywords on proper place ,besides these you have to choose such a topic that is more popular between the people..

Doing blog seo is good for your blog health because it will make you popular amongst the people so grab a pencil and notebook and start working on SEO optimization techniques for every Articles ……

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