Monday, August 28, 2017

15 Killer Techniques to Increase RSS Feed Subscribers

Before describing all possible ways to Increase RSS Feed Subscribers here, first we have to discuss why more and more subscribers we need and what are the importance of it in our blogging career…

Importance of RSS Feed Subscribers

  • RSS Feed subscribers helps bloggers for permanent survival.
  • RSS Feed subscribers gives high income opportunity for bloggers.
  • RSS Feed subscribers bring readers back to your blog.
  • RSS Feed subscribers give high and regular traffic to the websites or blogs.

Techniques to Increase RSS Feed Subscribers on Daily Basis

Most of the tips below, I am using on my blog to Increase RSS Feed Subscribers of your blog.

1 – Use RSS Icon Intelligently

Brilliant bloggers use RSS icon in that way by which they get more outcome with their little efforts of using RSS Icon in their blogs. Follow these tips to place RSS Icon on your blog to boost RSS Feed Subscribers easily.

  • Use big RSS Icon on your blog.
  • Place RSS Icon in most visible location of your blog.
  • Try Readymade themes which has clear RSS Icon in its design just like Freshlife Theme which we are using in this blog.

2 – Use Email Subscription Form      

Adding email subscription form let the readers of your blog to subscribe easily by putting their email directly into email subscription form.

Remember.. Easy email subscription opportunity encourage readers more to subscribe by their emails and become RSS Feed Subscribers of your blogs.

3 – Ask Your Readers to Subscribe

Appeal always works better in every case of blogging. If you are not asking your readers to subscribe to your blog then there are very less chances for your readers to become RSS Feed Subscribers of your blog.

You should write some interesting words in appealing language and this will results your blog to magically Improvement in RSS Feed Subscribers count of your blog.

4 – Offer Free E-book kind of Rewards

You can offer free E – book download to your readers after being register and active RSS Feed Subscribers of your blog.

Most of the successful bloggers are applying this technique and they are getting increase in the RSS Feed Subscribers very rapidly of their blogs.

5 – Offer Monthly Discount Coupon Codes

You can give the opportunity to readers of your blog to get huge discount coupon codes about the common used products for blogs or websites. I know every blogger want to buy must use blogging products at cheap rates.

You can offer discount coupon codes for Web Hosting, Premium WordPress themes and plugins etc for your email subscribers. All interested readers will definitely become RSS Feed Subscribers instantly.

 6 – Clear Focus on Single Topic Blogging

It is highly recommended for all bloggers to write and focus on single topic on your blog, Multitopic blogs always fails to gain more RSS Feed Subscribers.

Consider one thing, If you are interested to learn about blogging, then you will not feel good when you receive email alerts about fashion and sports.

By subscribing on single topic blogs, Readers will receive email for their targeted interest topics, In this way by running single topic blogs or Micro Niche Blogs, bloggers will gain more & more RSS Feed Subscribers of your blog.

7 – Publish Posts Regularly & Frequently

I always feel that most of the time readers like to subscribe to those blogs, who undated many times in a week. Personally I will not subscribe to those blog who updated once or twice in a month.

If bloggers write & publish posts on daily basis then there will be more possibilities to increase in RSS Feed Subscribers of your blog.

8 – Write Useful Content

It is my thought before subscribing to any blog that It should contain useful information in it.
I don’t want to get email alerts in my Inbox with useless content or information.
Writing useful & informative content in your blog may give you lot of RSS Feed Subscribers to your blog.

9 – Guide Peoples through RSS Feeds

Offer your readers some special guidance and some secret and useful information about related topic of your blog through RSS Feeds of your blog.  This will lead to sure more number of RSS Feed Subscribers easily.

10 – Use Pop-ups to encourage subscription

It is highly addopted way to increase subscribers of blog posts. Various successful bloggers are using it and they are very satisfied by using pop-ups subscription form to Increase RSS Feed Subscribers of their blogs.

11 – Use RSS Feed Directories

RSS Feed directories are very less discussed but most effective place to get lot of RSS Feed Subscribers.

You can submit your blog RSS for free in these RSS Feed directories.

These RSS Feed directories are really helpful for bloggers to introduce their RSS Feeds in front of other blogger, this will engourage others to become your RSS Feed Subscribers of your blog.

12 – Exchange RSS Feed Subscription

Search your niche related posts which has same repuation status like your blog, just ask them to subscribe to your blog and in exchange you must subscribe to their blogs.

Exchange in RSS Feed Subscription will lead more RSS Feed Subscribers of your blog and your fellow bloggers.

13 – Ask Them to Verify their email address

Some of the email subscribers just subscribe and do not confirm their email addresses, this is incomplete subscription process.

You must write some guide points which encourage subscribers to  activate their emaill addresses to complete their subscription process.

14 – Add Tick Box Near Comment System

Add tick box near comment system and make it by default ticked to offer monthly or weekly newslatter of your blogs.

By commenting on your blogs, in this way you will fina automatically increase in RSS Feed Subscribers of you blog.

15 – Drive New Traffic to Your Blog

Try to get new traffic to your blog by all possible ways like blog commenting, guest blogging and by using some pay per click advertising networks.

Because there are more chances for every new visitor to become RSS Feed Subscribers of your blogs. If you know some more ways to boost RSS Feed Subscribers of blogs then please share below in Comments

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