Sunday, August 6, 2017

5 Simple and Effective Tips for New Bloggers

 So you have chosen a Niche, made a Blog and have started posting Content on it.Now you are wondering what to do and what not to do?Which direction to go and which not?

Do you know?, Only 10% of the Bloggers get successful and achieve their Goals.Rest of them, get disappointed and give up in the very Beginning.But don´t worry.

In this article, I will share five simple tips that will give you a Boost and a Blasting Start in your Blogging Journey.

1) Proper Introduction

Remember!, Your Blog is not just a Blog.It is your Home,your Wealth,your Business,your Company etc.Now it is your job to decide its purpose.For Example what it is about?what it provides?who is the audience? etc.

The First step is to give a title and a precise description to your Blog.So that the Google and Real Human Beings (visitors) will know what your Blog is all about.

Also make an About me Page,to tell about yourself too.

2) Make Connections

Do you know? Daily hundreds of blogs are made and thousands of them are already existing there.So how your Blog is going to make a difference and how would you survive in this pond of crocodiles?Hmmm,I got you there :)

All I wanted to say was,introduce your Blog to the World and let people know about it.For this, you will have to approach them first.They won’t visit your Blog on their own.

To approach them, you should join Forums,participate in Discussions,be a member of Yahoo Q & A world and delicately post comments on other Blogs that are related to your Niche.Post valuable comments there and make sure you stay away from Spamming.

3) Maintain High Quality

You would have already heard that you should write regularly and consistently.It is good for improving your writing skills  but,

Make sure that you don’t compromise the quality of Content just for the sake of posting Daily.If your quality is getting affected, then post articles with some gaps between them.For example , posting every 3rd Day or maybe posting once a Week.

4) Attractive Titles & Headings

Suppose you wrote an outstanding article and it is appearing on the Search Results.But its Title is quite boring and unattractive,would somebody click on it?Of course not.

Titles are like a Packing.If the Packing is dusty then no one buys that Product.Hence make sure that your Articles have Attractive , Compelling and Drooling Titles & Headings.

5) Promoting Content

Internet is a sea of Content and it is totally filled with Information.You can find tons of Articles about a single topic.So make sure that your Article reaches the Targeted Audience.For this, you will have to put one heck of an effort in promoting your articles.

According to some experienced Bloggers,there is one 20-80 Rule for promotion.It says “Spend 20% time in writing a content and 80% in promoting it.

You can promote your articles by sharing them on Social Media or by leaving their links where the similar discussion has been going on.There are tons of other ways you can try, you will never run out of options.

So those were the Five Tips for you guys.If you keep them in your mind, you will never fail as a Blogger.Share them with other people and  save their lives too. Feel free to share your Blogging problems with me.I dropped a Geek Tip below for you, Check it out.

Never write for the Search Engines, always write for the Real Human Beings.
I did not say that , Google said it :)

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