Thursday, August 17, 2017

7 Tips to Increase Readers Engagement on Your Blog

Readers Engagement = More Page Views = More Clicks on Ads / Affiliates = More Income
The above stats shows the Importance of Readers Engagement on your Blog.

If your blog has good design, clear navigation attractive logo and some more things also which always appears in the top blogs.

But apart from this, your blog need one most important thing to make your blog successful.

That Is……  Readers Engagement on your Blog

I am in the blogging world from last few years, And after having good design, clear navigation and all other attractive features in my blogs But I was not getting so much success in the Blogging Business.

When I tried to increase readers engagement on my blog then automatically success started running behind me and my blog.

Do you know which Techniques I followed to Inrease Readers Engagement on my Blog.

Continue Reading about Increase readers engagement below ……

7 Tips to Increase Readers Engagement

1 – Use 3 Most Important Plugins

Role of the plugins is very high to increase readers engagement on blogs. I am Using 2 of them most important plugins on my this blog which are as follows :-

A – Releted Posts Plugin
After the end of this post, you will find Related posts, For this I am using some related posts plugin.

B – Random Posts Plugin
This plugin is very necessary to show some other posts from your blog for showing some variety of content.

C – Popular Posts Plugin
This plugin comes automatically with some best WordPress themes for your Blogs to use. Really effective in increase readers engagement easily.

All the above mentioned plugins helps the readers to finding some related information according to their search, Finally these 3 types plugins supports the bloggers to Increase Readers Engagement on your blogs.

2 – Share Real Experiences

It is the very common habit of the readers that they always more interested in knowing about the real experience of the bloggers or guest authors on the blogs.

So if you have any great experience then just start sharing it with your readers of your blog, and ask your guest authors to share their real experiences about any trending topic. This will definitely increase readers engagement on your blogs.

3 – Let Them Discuss

If you always reply to the comments on your blogs then your blog’s readership is going to very high. Just say to your users to ask questions frequently and let them give answers of other visitors also and Don’t forget to give answers by your self also.

4 – Add Videos / Photos Posts

If your posts is about some kind of tutorial, then adding videos which guide for that topics or subject will surely increase readers engagement on your blogs.

Adding photos which contains all the summary of your step by step by guide will definitely strick the mind of your readers and If they will easily understand what you want to say, then there will me more chances to read more posts of your blog by the same reader.

5 – Invite Guest Bloggers

If your blog accepts guest posts by the guest bloggers then you are following the most advanced method to increase readers engagement on your blogs. Because If any guest blogger writes a single guest post on your blog then this only 1 post will give you lot of pageviews automatically from the guest bloggers  and his/ her followers also.

Because apprximately every guest bloggers shares his/her guest posts link on the social media sites and their followers will read the posts also.

More Readers = More Readers Engagement through every possible way

6 - Inter linking of Posts

I always follow this technique of adding links of related posts with in the content of the current post to increase readers engagement on my blog.

For Example – In this post, you can see lot of links of the some posts which are related to any topic of this post.

7 – Clear Navigation of Content

To Increase Readers engagement, you must clearly write content of your blog posts.

From Starting question to final conclusion you should write content clearly and with point by point Proper readability of your content by the readers always results in increase readers engagement magically.

Here, I have clearly described all the effective formulas to increase readers engagement on my this and other blogs. And this has resulted amazingly increase readers engagement on my blog. And If will follow these methods then you will also be able to increase readers engagement on your blogs also. Thanks for reading these tips about increase readers engagement of blog.

If you have some more ideas to increase readers engagement, then you can share below in comments…


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