Friday, August 4, 2017

7 Writing Flaws You Need to Fill Up

Would you like to drive a Car with broken mirrors? Would you buy a Cycle with no seat on it? What about Cell Phone , Would you buy one with tons of features but very small memory & slow processing speed?

Of Course NOT

You always look for a Perfect thing and so do your Readers.They don’t want an immature piece of writing with some boring sentences,ignorant spelling mistakes and stupid grammatical errors.You must provide them with Unique,Informative,Perfect and High Quality Content.
For this, you will need to take care of these 7 Writing Flaws.

1) So,So,So and So on

The word So is widely used and abused.You better not abuse it.For Example, Using “So” where it is not really required.
He was so angry,so he broke everything
It is so big

Avoid the unnecessary use of “So”.Look for the other way to convey your meaning.For Example, The above two sentences can be made better as follows.
He was so angry, that he broke everything.”
It is huge

2) Being Shakespeare

Do you want to build a readership or you just want to showoff by using Complex English? Why would they keep reading when they can’t understand what the heck you are talking about?
Hence try to use as Simple English as you can ,so that even a 12 Years Kid can understand you.You will notice a reasonable drop in bounce rate if you do that.

3) Long Sentences

This is very typical of novice writers.They use unnecessary words to explain something.Trust me , Long sentences are mostly boring and irritating.

For Example :
He has a car with black colour,it has 4 tires and also Automatic Transmission System.
Now try to convey the same meaning using Shorter Sentence.
He has black colour with 4 tires and Automatic Transmission System.

4) Not thinking about Readers

It is more than enough if someone visits your Blog.After that, you must give them a reason to stay.So Don’t focus on your own goals when you are writing.Always keep the interests of visitors in your mind.
Otherwise, it takes them only one Click to close the Tab.

5) Just Texts

What! Are you writing some sort of a Newspaper,Application or Cover Letter?Where are Graphics???
Just one image speaks 1000 words.So why waste your time and bore your readers with all the reading?

6) Being Formal

Come on man , you are not some old Rude PHD Professor with Big Glasses on his frowned Head. You are friend,supporter,adviser and guardian of your readers.Tell them a joke, maybe share a Story or Personal Experience with them.Long and Short,try to write interesting and funny stuff.

7) Leaving them Idle

You gave them information and solution to their problems, so that’s it? Not at all, you aren’t a stranger for them. You just helped them out and now they want to return you the favor.So ask them to do something.
Maybe give them something to think about,ask for their feedback or suggestion etc.

My Personal Advice

Do you want people to read between the lines of your content? Then you will have to do it first. Re-read your Article about 2-3 times or more and make sure that there is not break of flow,spelling mistake or any grammatical mistake.
Thanks for Reading ^_^

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