Saturday, August 26, 2017

Fanciest Author Box Plugin Review

Fanciest Author Box Plugin is the premium tool is featured on codecanyon available at price $ 10.

Every blogger want to get some credit after writing his valuable post in his blog and he wants to be connect with his audience also through his blogs, In this way premium author Box Plugin works like bridge between the blogger and its audience.

Fanciest Author Box Plugin is highly accepting by lot of bloggers in the world because it works like a lift which can stand out the blogger in front of audience.

Ok Friends…. I think this introduction is enough and lets read the Fanciest Author Box Plugin review here blow….

First watch one screenshot which shows how this looks the blogs.

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Fanciest Author Box Plugin Review

Fanciest Author Box Plugin is very easy to set up and use according to our personal preferences.

Fanciest Author Box Plugin Features -

1 – This can be easily added after or before posts or pages in the blogs.

2 – Bloggers can add or edit colors according their choice easily.

3 – Bloggers can add their Twitter profiles to follow by readers and they can show their latest tweets also.

4 – Bloggers can Add Facebook like or subscribe option thorugh Fanciest Author Box Plugin.

5 – Can Add Google + button & automatic Google authorship verification.

6 – Bloggers can show latest posts written by them through this plugin.

7 – Bloggers can add their Bio to share information about their Job Title, their website or blog name, their choices etc.

8 - Fanciest Author Box Plugin is best option for Multi author blogs or for those blogs which allow guest bloggers.

This above images shows how many kind of experiments we can done with Fanciest Author Box Plugin and how bloggers can customize this premium plugin according to our personal requirements.

I would like to give 4.5 / 5 stars to this Author Box Plugin in this Fanciest Author Box Plugin Review here.

If you have some more thoughts or views about this review feel free to share in comments. Thanks.

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