Thursday, August 17, 2017

How Google Search Gives us idea for Next Blog Post

Most of the bloggers in the world are suffering from the lack of new ideas for next blog post. This is the biggest problem of all those bloggers who are new in blogging world.
Few years before there was a question in front of bloggers – How to Blog ?
But now a days the very big question in front of bloggers is – What to Blog ?
Bloggers will be happy to know that Google search engine can help them in searching new ideas for their next blog post topic.

How Google Search Gives us idea for Next Blog Post

Process – 1

This is very easy task for all the bloggers to generate next blog post ideas by following some steps below.

Watch the image below to know how you can find approx 10 ideas for next blog post writing.
First you watch this image carefully and then read the description below the image 1 below.


Description of the Above Image 1 -

I was searching about the blog writing in the Google search, After typing “blog writing” in the search box Suddenly I saw there one list has opened which were showing 10 related topics to “Blog Writing” . If you watch it more deeply in those related searches to “blog writing” then you will be able to find some more ideas to related topics to “blog writing ” for your next blog post about blog writing.

Example – blog writing sites, blog writing tips, blog writing jobs and 7 more etc are visible in above image.

Process 2 -

This process describes you to get 8 more ideas for your next blog post topic.
Before describing this process 2 first see the Image 2 below.

Description of Above Image 2 -

First type the keyword Blog Writing in the search box and press Enter.
Then all the searches related to blog writing will open in the 1st page.
Scroll down the page and come in to bottom of the web page.
There you will find “Searches related to blog writing” as shown in the image 2 above.
There you will find 8 more topics related to “Blog Writing” in the page.

In this way bloggers will be able to get 8 more ideas for their next blog post writing. I always follow both the process 1 & 2 to more tips for next blog post of my blogs.

I hope these next blog post ideas will be helpful to all the bloggers. Thanks for reading this guide about getting new blog post ideas with the help of Google search engine. Thanks.

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