Sunday, August 13, 2017

Websites and Blogs, Whats the Difference?

Websites have a domain name
Blogs have also
Websites are hosted on any kind of server
Blogs are also
Websites are accessed using HTTP Requests
Blogs are also

Anyway ,lets forget about going into details and wasting our time.Have you ever wondered what is the difference between Blog and a Website? or you think that both of them are the same thing?

Well if you do think like that then you are WRONG!! Websites and Blogs are different , whats the difference? Lets dive in and find out :)

Websites are mainly used by an organization,company,corporation,governments etc to convey information.Such as telling about their services, their contact info,their address , telling about their aims etc.

For Example :
Whenever you go to the website of any Company or Organization , 90% of the time you will find these pages. : About Us, Contact Us, Services.

So the purpose of websites is mainly to convey some Basic and Necessary information to their visitors.Otherwise if organizations don´t have any website then they will have to hire 5 to 6 people to sit beside a telephone and tell callers about those things

They are mostly or you can say 95% of the time, owned by individuals.Those individuals can be professionals,novices etc who want to share information and interact with other people of their interest.

We have got the overview of both Websites and Blogs, Now lets examine the difference between them.

Main Differences b/w Blogs & Websites

  1. Websites are Static and Blogs are Dynamic.
  2. Websites are used by organizations while Blogs are owned by individuals.
  3. Websites contain relatively small number of web pages as compare to Blogs.
  4. Websites seldom change while Blogs tend to change regularly and contain fresh content.

Blogs are loved by Google because blogs are regularly updated and they don´t contain Duplicate content.Those blogs that are not updated regularly and don´t have any unique content are long Dead.

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