Friday, August 11, 2017

Why .com Domains are preferred over other TLDs

Daily thousands of Domain Names are registered and sold. People just go crazy after .com domains and they are willing to pay huge money to get them. Let’s try to think of some reasons behind this craze:

Why .com Domains are preferred over other TLDs?

First of all, TLD stands for Top Level Domain , you can say that it is a suffix of your domain name. (Whatever comes after the dot , such as )
There are various reasons why .Com Domains are better than the other.

1) Conventional

People put .com in the end of domain name automatically.So it is easy for you to tell them about your website, you don´t even need to tell them about .com. Just say your Domain name such as earnmoney , bloggingtips etc , they will put .com in the end automatically.

2) Search Engine Friendly

Search Engines crawl .com Domains first than any other TLDs domains.So it is better for your to choose a .com domain for yourself , you will get an edge over your competitors in SEO.

3) Avoids Explanation

If you have a Domain name that have any other TLD instead of .com , you will have to mention it when telling people about it.You will have to mention full address of your website .

Such as :

If you know any other reason, I would love to hear it. Feel free to tell me.

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