Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Why you should not Marry a Blogger?

You have tons of options , you can marry a postman / engineer / doctor / writer / teacher etc .Do you still want to marry a Blogger. Well here are some points that you should take a look at:

1) No Time for You

Bloggers spend one heck of a time maintaining their Blog and it is obvious that you will be overlooked.Bloggers prefer to spend more and more time with their Lappy as compare to any real person.

2) Maybe Boring for You

Bloggers write for online readers, they observe them a lot and write accordingly to attract them.While they may be little boring when they interact with a real person in their daily life.So beware that they may bore you out.

3) Your little Ignorance can be Fatal

As you know Bloggers greatly depend on their Laptop and Internet Connection.If you mess up with their Laptop or the telephone set, it maybe fatal for your relationship.Bloggers have clients counting on them to get their work done and if you ruin that up then they won’t be really happy.

4) Their Time is Money

They earn hourly or half-hourly not monthly or weekly.Not only going outside will cost them money but also not sitting in front of their computer.So you better not ask them to go out for a dinner too often.It would be really expensive.

5) Anti-Socialized

I would say majority of the bloggers become geek,introvert or you may call them something closer to Anti-Social.They won’t be able to go out with you on any party or ceremony.You will have to handle all outdoor activities otherwise you both will get cut-off from the real World.

6) Rude Behavior

Many of the Bloggers are either fired persons or they just feel ashamed working for somebody else.Long and short, they prefer to be the boss of their own.Hence you may face a rude and full of attitude behavior from them.

7) Talking in Codes

As I have mentioned that many of them become geeks later,hence they start talking in codes.So there would be also a communication gap between both of you.I know that was a Funny Reason :)

Those reasons are not to show any dislike towards Bloggers , I wrote that post just to generate some curiosity and humor.By the way , I am myself a Blogger xD .

I don’t think there are any drawbacks of being a Blogger except that you rely on your laptop and internet connection.By the way , being a Blogger is really a fun thing.You are boss of your own and you don’t need to leave your Warm Chair.

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