Monday, September 11, 2017

Creating a Successful Blog in 5 Ways

After doing blogging from last 2-3 years now I understood that creating a successful blog is an art of blogging strategies only. Any blogger is able in creating a successful blog by converting their hard work in to the smart work.

If some one is planning to make blogging is a full time career and if making strategies in creating a successful blog, then they should read the below tips which I learned in my experience of few years.


steps for Creating a Successful Blog

1 – Treat Blogging as a Business

Wise bloggers always treat blog writing as a business not like playing games. You should plan your blogging as just like planning a business. Some major things that must be considered are as below

A – What is the future of Blogging Business

B – Be aware with Risks & Rewards related to this business

C – Do you have team to do it with you

D – Are you doing it Full time or Part Time.

E – Make Financial Planning for your Blogging Business.

F – Are you experienced ? If Not… Then Hire some Expert to get Advice.

2 - Research & Development - Creating a Successful blog

A – Do reasearch about best blogging platform available.

B – How to Design your Blog for creating a successful blog

C – Make eye friendly colour combination in designing of your blog.

D – Purchasing a premium theme may be wise idea to make blog on wordPress platform.

E – Search all useful tools like Google Analytics, WP tools to use etc.

F – Take ideas from co workers about Choose the Niche of blog which is profitable.

G – Apply useful tips to select name & Domain name of Blogs to creating a successful blog

3 – Creating a Content Wisely

A – Information of Trending topics is very necessary.

B – Deep research before writing the content is must 4 creating a successful blog.

C – Experts related to the subject of the topics can make content more useful.

D – Your content of the post must contain answers of the question of the readers.

E – Language of the content should be easy and interactive also.

F – Adding Images which describes the post makes content valuable to the users.

G – Proper Navigation of content of the post is loving by readers.

H – Content should be properly on page optimized with targeted kewords.

4 – Blog Promotion to Get Traffic

A – Plan all available social media promotion tools for traffic generation.

B – Make strategies for off line promotion like paper ad, TV ad etc.

C – Email marketing campaign to get more users on your Blogs.

D – Make plan for SEO to get traffic from Organic Search Engines.

E – Buy Paid Traffic for more users on your Blog.

5 – How to Make Money From Your Blog

A – Join Adsense kind of pay per click ad networks

B – Add affiliate programs with your blog may be good source of Income.

C – Giving paid advices to the readers an also generate income.

D – Sell web apps and internet & blogging related products online.

E – Sell Advertising space directly to the Advertisors on your blog.

I would like to suggest you to make some strategies for 1 years, 2 years or 5 years also for creating a successful blog.

To creating a successful blog and to run it for long time, you should have some vision & mission also.

Again I am saying this creating a successful blog is game of smart working regularly. If you are dreaming for creating a successful blog then you must be follow the above steps.

Thanks for reading this post about creating a successful blog in 5 steps only.

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