Sunday, September 17, 2017

Tips in running a successful home based business

 Working in a home based environment can be a challenging task, I have been running a business from home for many years. This environment is a completely different scenario from working in an office. Which is why i am writing this post with tips on how to succeed at home.


I found one of the things that’s enabled me to run my business effectively from home is to keep myself motivated by reminding myself of the following:

- treat it like your working full time in an office.

- keep your focus on the goal of building your business to increase customers and hopefully keep happy customers.


Working from home is a hotspot for distraction, especially if you have no separate office area then it could tempt you to switch on the tv or have a long lay in bed, even pop out when you feel like it.

I found getting up and get an early start helps me feel fresh for focusing on the task at hand. I always make sure tv or xbox stay switched off until lunch time.

Dividing work from home

In the home working environment it’s very easy to work day and night and at weekends, but there’s more important things to think of like your health and spending time with family or friends. I do think Where possible in the evenings try and relax and switch off which is the key as otherwise you won’t be able to think of much else. In a normal working office you leave work behind till the next day, so try and do the same. For me my family and church are the focus of my weekends as I won’t work until the Monday again, but occasionally I may have to answer a call or speak to a customer over the phone which van sometimes be avoidable.

In me running my company I have had to learn these lessons which i believe helps the business work from a home based environment. Hopefully these practical points will help you too.

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