Saturday, September 30, 2017

What SEO Companies Can Do For You That You Probably Can’t Do On Your Own

 Do you really need to hire an SEO company? This is a question that every small to medium business with a website comes across eventually. And it’s a perfectly logical question. Search engine optimisation requires time, money, energy, know-how and many other resources. Hiring people to do it for you can cost you a lot more. And if you do hire them, you can never be completely sure of how effective their strategies will be.
If you’ve got some idea about how to make your website more visible and accessible to potential customers online, doing your SEO on your own would be a sensible move. But you could be missing out on a lot of vital, valuable benefits that only high quality SEO companies can offer.

Distinguishing Between SEO Companies

But before we move any further, let us first define what we mean here when we say ‘high quality SEO companies’. Through time the proper definition for this term has evolved, and where once SEOs were viewed as spammers who basically manipulated website rankings, now they are viewed as professionals that assist businesses in their online marketing efforts.
Recently the standard for SEO companies has gone even higher, and that’s great news for website owners everywhere. Real, solid SEO companies today are those that deliver valuable, high quality online marketing for your brand to achieve concrete and lucrative results that last. They do not just hand over tons of meaningless links that are in places no one even goes to, or promise thousands of backlinks and guaranteed results within months. Those that do make these promises are still legitimate SEO companies, but they’re definitely not the SEO companies you want to call for long term, high quality results.

High Quality SEO Work

The best SEO agencies today deliver more than just backlinks and keyword- driven content. They deliver the following exceptional services and benefits:
  • In-depth analysis – A lot of work goes into making a website fully optimised, and this involves staggering amounts of analysis on all aspects of the website. This includes your site structure, your content, various off-page factors and your website’s ongoing performance. This in-depth analysis will ensure that your site is being crawled by search engine bots and displays and functions properly; that your content is presented clearly, is of high quality, contains the most relevant keywords and has no duplicates or other issues; that places outside of your website (such as other websites, blogs and directories) are talking about you in a good way; and if not, that measures be taken to remedy this.
  • Comprehensive optimisation – Optimisation is a word that’s either overused or misused in this industry, to the point that many of those who are strangers to SEO become totally confused as to what it is or what it entails. To give you a better idea of what this is, here are some of the optimisation strategies that many of today’s top SEO firms practise:
  • Streamlining your website’s navigation so it functions better and will allow users to easily find what they’re looking for; 
  •  Eliminating errors and other causes of delay so your website runs and is crawled faster and better;
  • Removing, rewriting or adding substantial, keyword-rich content to your website to avoid duplicate content and draw in searchers and
  • Finding listings and other mentions of you online and making sure they feature correct and updated information.
  • Scoping out the competition – Aside from evaluating every inch of your website, SEO companies will also scope out the competition. They’ll take a look at your top competitors, their backlinks, site structure, content- you name it. They do this in order to see what makes them tick to the top, and to see what can be adapted in your website so it can rank just as good or better.
  • Unbiased recommendations – Sometimes site owners tend to focus more on their business ideals when building their website, without really taking into consideration if these will translate well on their website or help them rank better. Some business owners focus on presenting a certain image, or focus on what they want to see on their website rather than what potential visitors will want to see or search for. SEO firms are keen on spotting the errors caused by this line of thinking, and can offer website owners expert and unbiased recommendations.
  • Ongoing monitoring – When you’re the only one left in charge of your website, there’s always the tendency to get complacent. Running the business becomes the main focus that checking for site errors, learning about new search algorithm changes and diligently tracking website performance become secondary. With an SEO company at your side you can always stay ahead of issues, changes and updates and ensure that your website is always performing and ranking at its best.
Given all of these facts, the main question you should be asking yourself is not if you can afford to hire an SEO company. The better question to ask yourself would be, can you really afford not to hire one? If you’re serious about making your website an effective and valuable marketing medium, then partnering with an established SEO company should be an integral part of your marketing strategy..

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