Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Biggest Guest Posting Mistakes Newbies Make

Guest posting has become the de facto way to build links. It’s hard to find an Internet marketing article these days that doesn’t mention it.

But many people new to the search engine optimization arena are making a big mistake. The mistake they are making is that they are not paying attention to the number of unique root domains their links come from.

What Does Linking Root Domains Mean?

Linking root domains refers to the number of separate websites that link to you.

Let’s say the following URLs link to your website:

While there are two links above, they come from only one unique domain ( As a result, they count as only one linking root domain.

How Much Emphasis Does Google Put On LRDs?

Moz’s correlation tests show that the number of linking root domains a site has better predicts a site’s rankings than the total number of links it has in general.

Google puts so much emphasis on linking root domains as a factor that it actively tries to find people that are manipulating their algorithm by purchasing multiple domains and linking them together themselves.

They do this through looking at whether the interlinking sites have unique IP Addresses and server C-Block numbers. If the websites are each hosted on the same server, it’s pretty obvious to Google that spam might be going on.

Why Does Google Follow This Metric?

Search engines put a ton of emphasis on the number of linking root domains to a website because in the early days of search it was easy to fool search engine into thinking your website was an authority simply by creating tens of thousands of links to your site across just a handful of domains.

Google came up with the whole idea of ranking websites based on links in the first place because each link was assumed to be someone’s vote of confidence in the quality of your material. If all of the links to your site are coming from only one root domain, then only one source is really voting for you. If ten different domains link to you, then you have ten different sources vouching for your website, not just one.

How Should I Go About Guest Posting?

So how should this information affect the way you go about building links?

Rather than writing a hundred articles for one blog, you are better served writing a hundred articles for thirty to forty blogs.  A good rule of thumb is to contribute only around three guest posts on a specific domain, unless you have other goals such as building your social media presence or creating a personal brand.

How Do I Find Out How Many Linking Root Domains I have?

You can find out how many linking root domains point to your site by going to and typing in your URL.

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